You can get a general idea of the meaning of your dreams by a simple dream interpretation without a detailed translation. In other words, there is no need to go into long explanations about how symbolic meanings were discovered, nor is it necessary to provide a lot of detail about your life and your biography.

If you are simply curious about the meaning of your dreams  you only need to understand the unconscious’ messages; you don’t need to learn how the information was translated.

However, if you are in a difficult or serious situation, it is necessary to translate every detail of your dream precisely. You need to look not just at the general meaning but at the significance of details such as the appearance of people you know in your dreams and every object that appears. This will help you reach a much better understanding of your situation and see clearly what the solution needs to be to keep you out  of danger.

A specific and detailed dream translation is like a translation from one language to another.

Some people need it, while other people can be helped just by knowing the general meaning of their dreams, without analyzing too many details.
Everything depends on your needs and your circumstances.